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Picture of Wa-ryuu water planet

Dragon grips the earth in "Picture of Wa-ryuu(a)".
"Wa-ryuu" means "Harmony Dragon".
"Ryuu" means Dragon and water flow in Japanese.
Dragon is the God of water in Japan.
Dragon(Ryuu) shows water flow.
River flow is Dragon(Ryuu) itself.

Human beings polluted water on the earth.
We should clean up water, or Dragon would disappear.
Cleaning up water would make human body clean.

Many conflict occurred about water.
Those were caused by lack of water. Many conflict do not occur in abundance of water.
Abundance of water is necessary for us to get friendly others.
Abundance of water makes a human body clean but conflict dose dirty.
"The picture of Wa-ryuu" shows that harmony spirit has same meaning as cleaning up water.
"Yamato-damashii(a= Great, Harmony, Soul)" means "Spirit in Great harmony ".
"Yamato-damashii" means as same as the spirit of world Peace.

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